Granite Care & Maintenance Guide

Keep your granite countertops looking great for years to come.

Basic Information

When it comes to using stone for countertops, a common issue is the maintenance and the cost. However, what most people don’t factor in is how often wooden or man-made material tables and counters need to be replaced and maintained.

With granite, marble and quartz, these materials endure years of wear and tear (with proper sealing and care) that other materials just won’t endure. That is why more and more customers turn to natural, durable materials like our stone products to finish their homes.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Simply clean your counters and other granite surfaces with a soft cloth, a little soap, and warm water. Avoid using cleaning products with acids, particularly citrus or lemon based cleaners as these will eat away at the sealant used on the counter. These acids will cause loss of color and or change the color of your countertop. Do not allow liquids or oils to remain on counters overnight. Although granite is heat resistant using protective barriers between your countertops will help prevent against discoloration.

Heavy Stains

For heavy oil stains, create a poultice consisting of baby powder or baking powder mixed with water. First, moisten the stain with water. Then spread a thick amount of the mixture on the stain. Finally cover the poultice with a sheet of plastic wrap to help maintain moisture for 48 hours.

After 48 hours the mixture should harden onto your counter. Remove the now solid poultice with a spatula and clean the area with water and soap. Wipe the area clean and allow to dry.

Tips to Avoid Damage

Accidents do happen and in the race occasion that this causes a chip. Keep the damaged chip, in most cases an epoxy will be enough to repair the chip. Most of the damages will occur around the edges of the counter so take care when handling cookware to avoid banging the edges.

Proper Sealing

Quality sealers should last three to seven years and be resistant to oil and water stains. With proper sealing your counters should resist typical spills and stains.

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