Quartz Care & Maintenance Guide

Keep your quartz countertops looking great for years to come.

Basic Information

Sheets of quartz are man-made and generally about 90% stone and other materials. Since quartz is man-made many different patterns and colors that are not easily obtained by natural stone are available. Recently in advances in the manufacturing process of creating quartz manufactures are able to mix in the coloring all the way through the stone to provide a much more natural look. One of the greater advantage is the binding materials that are used to fuse everything together. The combinations of the resins used and the manufacturing process makes the resulting stone sheet non-porous.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep quartz’s quality and shine with proper care and minimal maintenance. Basic cleaning involves a soft cloth with a little soap wand warm water. Waxing, sealing, and resins are not necessary with quartz counters. Cleaning quartz with Barkeeps Friend and a white scrubbing pad like the magic eraser are also great cleaning products to use.

Tips to Avoid Damage

Although quartz is also resistant to heat like marble and granite, rapid temperature changes will still damage or affect the quartz. So be sure to use coasters and place mats when placing hot cookware on the quartz surfaces. Avoid using cleaning products with strong acidity, particularly citrus or lemon-based cleaners as these could eat away at the sealant and damage or change the color of the quartz surface. Never clean quartz counters with products such as paint strippers or rust removers with high pH levels. Dry steel wool or non-scratch scrubbing pads are alternatives. Do not let any liquids or oils remain on counters overnight.

Proper Sealing

Due to how quartz is manufactured there is no need to add sealants to quartz. As additional sealants can cause damage to the stone.

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